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The Academy of Engineering  

  • Gateway to Technology:  for middle school students interested in the field of Engineering
  • Project Lead the Way: for the high school students interested in the field of Engineering
  • Metro Tech 
  • NAF:  National Academy Foundation for Engineering
  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math 


The Academy of Health Sciences
  • Discovery: for High School Student interested in the field of Health Sciences through a partnership with OU Health Sciences
  • Metro Tech
  • NAF:  National Academy Foundation for Health Science
  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math 

College Bound Prep
  • College Now:  Concurrent Enrollment in college level courses.  Students can get college credit while they are stil in high school.
  • ACT Prep: Strategies & techniques to prepare students to be successful on the ACT exam
  • Academic Decathlon: Students versed in 10 Disciplines will compete with students in an annual district-wide competition
  • AP Studio Art: Students can receive college credit if they successfully pass the AP Art Exam in the spring.

Academic Initiatives

  • 25 Books Campaign: BE A MILLIONAIRE increasing student literacy by having students read a million words which roughly equates to 25 books per year
  • Academic Focus: 30 minutes daily where students meet with their "Advisory Teacher" to finish work, get tutoring, and focus on academic skills.  Two days each week everyone will participate in SSR (Sustained Silent Reading)
  • Gear Up:  will be working with the classes of 2017 & 2018 from now until they graduate with the purpose to make sure that they successfully attend and complete college by enhancing or introducing classroom technology, student & parent programming, and teaching methods that can be sustained for the younger students.
Academy of Engineering

The Academy of Engineering
answers an acute need for engineers in this country by educating high school students in the principles of engineering, and providing content in the fields of electronics, biotech, aerospace, civil engineering, and architecture.
Academies use curriculum from:
Project Lead The Way, Inc. (PLTW),

The STEM Academy


They also benefit from support provided by 

National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME),

SME Education Foundation.

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 curriculum available.

Download the Academy of Engineering
Fact Sheet Here. 

Mary Tran
AOE Coordinator

NEA ...
College Now
A senior student may qualify for admittance to the Concurrent Enrollment program by scoring a 19 Composite on the ACT test or having a 3.0 GPA.  A junior student may qualify by scoring a 21 Composite or having a 3.5 GPA.  However, admittance does not indicate eligibility for classes.  Listed below is additional information on eligibility for each college class.  After you have qualified for admittance to the college, you must meet certain requirements for each course.  The requirements (prerequisites) are listed below:

Course Requirements 
English 1113 ACT English 19 and Reading 19 (can qualify with
ACT Science Reasoning 19,
ACT Composite 19 or
appropriate ACCUPLACER.*
English 1213 Same as above and Completion of English 1113
Intro to Psychology and
Intro to Sociology
ACT Reading 19
History 1493 and
History 1483
ACT Reading 19 and ACT English 19 or
appropriate ACCUPLACER* AND
2 years of History met through High School classes (one of which must be US History)
American Federal Government ACT Reading 19 and ACT English 19 or
Appropriate ACCUPLACER* and
1 year (2 semesters) of HS Government, Economics or World History
Humanities:  Classical/Medieval or
Modern Humanities,
Music Appreciation or
Art Appreciation
ACT Reading 19 and ACT English 19 or
appropriate ACCUPLACER*
Public Address ACT Reading 19 and ACT English 19 or
appropriate ACCUPLACER*
General Biology ACT Science Reasoning 19, ACT Reading 19, ACT English 19 or
appropriate ACCUPLACER, and ACT Math of 16 or appropriate ACCUPLACER*
Intro to Computers (Micro Computer Applications) ACT Reading 19
College Algebra  ACT Math 21 or Math 19 and
appropriate ACCUPLACER* and
ACT Reading 19
Contemporary Math
Intro to Statistics
ACT Math 19 and ACT Reading 19
Comparative Religions ACT Reading 19 and ACT English 19
*ACCUPLACER is a short test in the area of Reading or Math for placement purposes only. 
Academy of Health Sciences

The Academy of Health Sciences
addresses the critical achievement gap in STEM fields and develops a pipeline of students prepared to pursue health-related degrees and professions in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, including biotechnology, genetics, nursing, therapeutics, and diagnostics.


 Download the Academy of Health Science Fact Sheet Here 


  Samira Patten

Kristine Sigman

AOHS Co-Coordinators






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