Who & When Laptops Must be Turned In
All Teachers who are leaving the district, whether for retirement, other employment, or on non-continuing contract, are required to return their District Assigned laptop to IT for reimage and redeployment. We will have technicians staffed at the IT Helpdesk to handle this process. Please bring your laptop in to the technicians so that it can be inventoried and returned. You will be removed from the district database and provided with a copy of the return sheet to ensure that no financial issues arise for not returning your issued laptop.

Laptop Return for Teachers Leaving the District

Location: Information Technology Help Desk

2500 NE 30th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

The technicians onsite will be responsible for inventory and return of systems, but not for backing up data. Please ensure any data you require is backed up prior to return of the system. All systems will be reimaged over the summer for redeployment. Teachers whose contracts get renewed for next year will be issued a laptop when new teacher laptop deployment begins later this year, but this does not mean that they will receive the same system they had the previous year. If there are any issues with the systems at the time of return, please inform the technicians so these issues can be addressed. Attached to this message you will find directions to the OKCPS IT Helpdesk from the Administration Building as well as a quick sheet with pertinent information. If you have any questions please contact the Helpdesk at 587- HELP (4357). Thank you.

Joshua G. Pearce

Desktop Services Manager

Oklahoma City Public Schools