Student Survey
School Computer Help


1. USERNAME: first name.last name (lower case letters)
example: mary.jones

2. PASSWORD: CAPITALIZED "X + 0" & YOUR STUDENT I.D. Number  (to equal 8digits)
example: X0123456

3. STUDENTS domain

4. REMEMBER...You "MUST" log off when you have finished using "ANY" school desktop or laptop computer.
You can only be logged in on 1 computer at a time.
 If you don't you will not be able to login the next time you need to use a computer at school.



1. Go to "File" and click on "Save As"

When you get the "My Documents Box" click on the arrow and in the Drop-down Box click on your name.
You can then save your work in your folder on the school server.

***However... you can only access this work from school computers.

2. If you need to work on saved work at home...
you will need to email the saved documents to yourself or save them to portable jump drive.


Student Handbook

Click on the picture to view
the Student Handbook

Link to NEA's Teacher Websites

Tardy Policy
  • Students who are tardy will go to the attendance office to sign in, get a pass to class and their notification for lunch detention.
  • The notification will detail their lunch detention date, their 2nd TB teacher and the number of tardies for the semester.
  • Students who are habitually late will be placed on a contract after their 5th Tardy.
  • High school students will be dismissed 5 minutes prior to the end of 2nd TB to the Lunch Detention area.
  • Middle school students will be dismissed 5 minutes prior to the advisory to the Lunch Detention area.
  • Roll will be taken and those students who do not report to detention on time will be given additional days of lunch detention.
  • Deliberate refusal to attend lunch detention will result in a referral.
  • A parent conference will be necessary after the 3rd tardy for each semester.
  • A sack lunch will be served in the room.
  • The lunch will be chosen by the cafeteria staff.

NEA Uniform Policy




The Parent Teacher Student Association and the administration of the Northeast Academy for Health Sciences and Engineering have adopted the policy that wearing a school uniform enables a student to focus their attention on academics and the learning process. A uniform dress code also supports a positive school climate without the distraction of form fitting, revealing clothing or colors related to gangs.

The  Northeast Academy Uniform Dress Code, in conjunction with the OKC Public School Dress Code, applies to all students.


Uniform Pants, Walking Shorts or Skirts – Uniform pants, shorts and skirt colors are khaki, black or gray. Skirts, and shorts and splits in skirts shall not be higher than the tip of the finger. Pants are to be relaxed-fit. Capri’s are permitted. No spandex, leather, knit fabric. No glitter, rhinestones, decorations, or other adornments on clothing. NO ATHLETIC, SWEAT, JOGGING, or SKINNY PANTS. NO SAGGING PANTS. NO DENIM, EXCEPT ON DESIGNATED SPECIAL DAYS.


Uniform ShirtsUniform shirts may be polo style with collar or oxford button-down with collar (short or long sleeve), with or without brand emblem. Uniform shirt colors are solid white, maroon, gray or black. Revealing any part of mid-waist area or cleavage is unacceptable. Shirts must fit properly and not cling to the body.


Undergarment Shirts – Undergarment shirts or tanks must be white, maroon, gray or black.


Outerwear – Hooded sweatshirts  without brand emblems or logos may be worn in the building. A uniform shirt or spirit shirt must be worn underneath hooded sweatshirts. Only solid color hooded sweatshirts, in school colors (white, maroon, gray or black) or official school spirit hooded sweatshirts may be worn

Belts – Belts are optional.

Shoes – Flip-flops, thongs, soccer sandals, house shoes, or beach shoes are not permitted.

Head Gear – Absolutely NONE accepted in the building (male or female).

Jeans – Jeans may be worn every Friday, any color. They should be relaxed fit. Jeans should not show signs of distress (no holes, rips, etc.). Skinny jean style of pants is not permitted.

School Spirit Wear – School spirit wear may be worn every day. School spirit wear consists of school spirit tops, N.E. team uniform tops, class or club tops. Only authorized school spirit wear sold or provided by Northeast Academy organizations, in school colors, may be worn.

Uniforms MUST be worn while on school grounds. School spirit top and jeans may be allowed on school field trips. School administration reserves the right to address any uniform or dress code violations for non-compliance.