Meet Quintin Hughes

Quintin Hughes

My name is Quintin Hughes, and I am the GEAR UP for the PROMISE site coordinator here at Northeast. I am very excited to be joining the Northeast family and supporting our mission. You may have already seen me or other GEAR UP for the PROMISE staff either at our program overview, roaming the halls, or administering surveys in the middle school classrooms. I am located in the Guidance Office in C100 - C104.

GEAR UP will be working with the classes of 2017 & 2018 from now until they graduate, and our purpose is to make sure that they successfully attend and complete college by enhancing or introducing classroom technology, student & parent programming, and teaching methods that can be sustained for the younger students.

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Gear Up

The GEAR UP for the PROMISE acronym stands for: 

G aining
E arly
A wareness &
R eadiness for

U ndergraduate
P rograms for the

P romotion of
R eadiness through
O pportunities that
M otivate &
I ncrease
S tudent
E xpectations