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Through this project, GirlTech participants will:

  • Become more confident in their career choice
  • Increase knowledge of careers in the cluster areas of Information Technology and Scientific Research/Engineering
  • Develop strategies for success in a nontraditional career
  • Understand the importance of upper level math and science courses to IT/Engineering careers
  • Understand the value of postsecondary education/training to IT/Engineering careers


Through this project, students will be matched with approved female adult mentors.  These mentors will be employed in the careers mentioned above.  Potential activities may include:

  • “Get acquainted” reception for students, parents/guardians, and mentors
  • On-site Job shadowing and mentoring
  • Online job shadowing, mentoring and career exploration
  • Career development workshop for students, parents/guardians, and mentors
  • GirlTech “charter member” celebration at year’s end for students, parents/guardians, and mentors
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